Many people struggle with the dilemma of trying to not look “frumpy”. How can we avoid looking like icky Janie from a 1990’s sitcom? Luckily, I have some tips for you that will help you combat this problem! These are three things that I personally do:

1. Dress in layers – this is my favourite trick to avoid the dreaded droopy cardigan and baggy sweatpants combo. Layering allows you to remove or add clothing when appropriate for the weather. You can also layer clothing that might be considered too individualistic or daring for your conservative-minded workplace. So the next time you are looking for a way to make that top or skirt look more professional, try simply adding a cardigan or other type of jacket.

2. Layer and then tailor – this tip shows you how to avoid looking frumpy even if it is important for your wardrobe that you wear layers. By layering your clothes and taking them to your tailor once they have been layered, you can achieve a custom fit without having to go through the trouble of changing everything yourself. In this way, you can even layer items that are very ill-suited for one another in the first place!

3. Get yourself some accessories – a good hat can be a great way to stop yourself from looking frumpy. Hats are very flattering for just about anyone, and they do not need to look out of this world. If you have tried headbands, scarves, or even headscarf-style beanies and still do not like them, it is time to try something different. A good hat can be great for both men and women; what is more, it can hide bad hair days as well as bad hairdos…even if your bad hair day was simply gained through having a bad hairdo!