Sheer blouses are increasingly popular this season and a sheer blouse can make an outfit. Ideal if you are looking for a smart casual look.

A sheer blouse is perfect for wearing with a pair of skinny jeans if you are wanting a ‘nice top and jeans’ look. You know the times when you ask what everyone is wearing and it’s a nice top and jeans so a sheer blouse really fits the bill.

They can be patterned or plain coloured and short-sleeved, sleeveless or long-sleeved or even 3/4 sleeves or even puff sleeves. They can have buttons or no buttons and really make a pretty addition to any wardrobe. You will find yourself going to this item again and again for an evening at the pub, meals out, parties and so on. You can’t go wrong with a cute sheer blouse.

Sheer blouses are slightly transparent so best worn over the top of a t-shirt, vest top or crop top unless you are being very brave and want to show off your bra! Take a look at some of our favourite sheer blouses we have found available today. A white sheer blouse is a great fashion catch-all item; they work with nearly anything from a pair of jeans to a smart skirt and some ankle boots. Black sheer blouses, on the other hand, are much harder to style. They look great with a pair of dark jeans if you are going for a dark-themed outfit but we would suggest you stick with a lighter colour if you plan on getting a lot of use out of the top.

Sleeveless Sheer Blouses

how to wear a sheer sleeveless blouse
Ok, we admit this sheer sleeveless blouse might be a tad over the top for the office…

A sleeveless sheer blouse is the perfect item for summertime; casual enough to look great walking around town with some friends before heading off for a glass or two of wine, or they are equally at home in the office when the temperature starts to pick up. Remember to take a blazer with you if you want to look ultra-professional in meetings while remaining super cool.


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