Floral blouses are a wardrobe staple and an ever-popular item of clothing that can be worn for many different occasions.

A floral blouse can bring you a bit of joy on a cold winters day or brighten up your outfit on a summers day. So what is the best thing to wear with your floral blouse you may be thinking. We would always suggest teaming a floral print with a plain skirt or trousers so you don’t have too much pattern going on in your outfit. Smart casual shirts can be a work outfit or casual floral shirts for the weekend and holidays.

You can select from many beautiful floral prints from large bold prints to smaller dainty, ditsy prints. Bright colours or more subdued colours the choice is yours. A floral blouse can be worn with just about anything, they look great with denim so jeans, denim shorts or a denim skirt would look fab. Or with a plain coloured skirt or trousers for a day at work. Short sleeves, capped sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeves are all available with some beautiful feminine floral prints.

Let your wardrobe blossom with a gorgeous floral print shirt.


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